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The answer to design challenges for neck and shoulder pain relief.

FEDERAL WAY, WA, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Human nature created many completed design challenges. Neck and shoulder anatomy is one example. This is the most used muscle group in the body especially when people spend more time on the computer and on their smartphones. Muscle strain has created soreness. Easing the pain requires an excellent fit.

SunnyBay answered the challenge with a countered neck and shoulder heat wrap. This design pairs full function with aesthetic appeal. Used as a heat wrap by microwaving, its unscented hydra-beads balance temperature across chambers and won’t shift. The hydra-beads respond to microwave heating very well and retain the heat for a long time. The wrap is both weighted and contoured to stay put and ease headaches, arthritis, and muscle stiffness in both the neck and shoulder region. Never slowing the user down, the hot/cold compress can rest easily on your neck and shoulders while watching television, working at a desk, or hunched over a laptop.
The role of heat therapy is to increase blood flow by opening up blood vessels. Heat can increase flexibility and mobility of the muscles and joints. Other ways to increase blood circulation are exercise, massage, and taking certain medications.

Many people are sensitive to strong smells. Some people are even allergic to certain fragrances. In response to buyer demand, SunnyBay introduced a new filling that can be microwaved but doesn’t emit a noxious odor. The newest filling material is hydra-bead rather than the most popular grain-based material. The hydra-beads absorb moisture in the air, when heated, it releases the moisture back out. The efficiency of moisture capturing is much better than those of natural seeds. This moist heat therapy is more beneficial to the recovery process. The most important distinction is that it doesn’t emit a noxious odor. This is welcome news to many people who suffer from allergies and sensitivity to smells. It is an alternative to the popular heating pads most people are accustomed to. “We’re excited to offer an alternative choice for relaxation for customers looking to ease occasional pain and tension,” explained Sam Wright, CEO of Sunny Bay. “We heard many comments regarding the smell from those natural seeds. We introduced this filling so those people can enjoy the heat wrap without worrying about the unpleasant smell.”

There are two ways to apply heat: dry heat — such as heating pads, dry heating packs, or saunas — or moist heat, such as steamed towels or hot baths. Moist heat is more effective and can act more quickly. If it is a small, localized area, heated packs may be the best. If it’s a larger part of the body, hot baths may be more effective. Heat therapy is the best way for chronic issues, such as stiffness caused by arthritis, which typically creates feelings of dull and achy pain. People can use heat therapy after 72 hours of an acute injury.

About Sunny Bay

Washington-based Sunny Bay is a manufacturer and retailer of high-quality, effective pain relief products. The company’s best-selling neck wraps and heating pads are meticulously designed for optimal comfort. Each neck wrap, pad, and travel pillow is handcrafted with care in the United States. Using premium Washington lavender buds, the company’s Lavender Collection elevates comfort with naturally soothing aromatic relief.

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