Virtual Coat and Toy Drives from Coast to Coast

Giving Digitized connects the need with those who are willing to give-at a time when many nonprofits are challenged to meet client needs-through virtual drives.

Giving Digitized is about participating and helping your community. It’s about the grace of coming together and uplifting those in need.”

— Shazia Peeran, Founder of Giving Digitized

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, November 19, 2020 / — 2020 has been particularly challenging for nonprofit organizations; many have faced funding challenges, and all have had to rethink the way they serve their clients and communities. Against this backdrop of crisis, there are organizations stepping up solving for issues about which they are passionate. One such organization is Giving Digitized that started during COVID-19 to help nonprofits — a service that helps nonprofits obtain resources for the homeless and underserved community digitally.

For an opportunity to give back through this digital channel, you can register as an Individual on the site Giving Digitized.

Many organizations need donations throughout the year. The needs in the community that nonprofits are serving in – homeless shelters, transitional housing, community centers, and other local organization are available for you to help. Start today – contribute to your community by participating in the virtual drives — Winter gear and Toys for the holidays. There are a set number of seasonal drives and evergreen drives through the year that you can participate in, starting right now.
• November – January : Winter gear+ Basket Drive
• November – December : Holiday Gift Basket Drive
• March : Health and Hygiene Basket Drive
• August : School Supply Drive
• Evergreen drives that run quarterly : Groceries, food assistance and much more.

Once you register and log onto the site, you can select the drive you want to participate in and choose a basket of gifts to donate. It’s simple and easy-
• Select the drive you would like to participate in
• Identify the individual or family that you want to support
• Purchase the basket of gifts and send to the nonprofit address listed. You can ask your friends and family to participate and join you to buy a basket as well. You are welcome to purchase the nonprofit’s much-needed items from any store you like and ship it directly to them. If it is more convenient, you may also shop with the pre-populated links or curated links. Either way, your donation is much appreciated!
• Update the basket and let the non-profit know that you have purchased the gifts and when to expect them.

For nonprofits, Giving Digitized has streamlined the operational flow from requests to distribution. The application has different functionality for all kinds of users of the system, from management to corporations, and incorporates success metrics for seasonal and evergreen drives.

Giving Digitized is taking on nonprofits who need resources from the community & corporations who want to sponsor the application. Organizations can learn more on the Giving Digitized site to start making a difference today.

Giving Digitized Team

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