Veteran Composer and Sound Designer Launches Silen: A Game Audio Company

Boutique audio studio creates carefully tailored immersive audio experiences

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 16, 2021 / — After a decade of working in the industry, composer Adam Fligsten recognized a need for gaming companies to have a unified audio vision for their titles. “I was seeing situations where the music and sound design and implementation were handled by people with different visions, resulting in mismatched game audio,” said Adam. “Audio can tell a story just as well as visuals, I was seeing game audio not being handled with the deep care it deserves.”

Today Fligsten has announced the launch of his boutique sound studio, Silen. At Silen the focus is to find the perfect audio for the story of every game. “Every game is different, and as such, every approach needs to be carefully tailored to immerse the player in the experience.” Unearthing each game’s story, Silen focuses on creating soundscapes that will take players through a journey in the games they’re playing, complimenting visuals and creating nuanced experiences.

As a freelance composer, Fligsten worked on titles with memorable soundtracks such as Marvel vs Capcom Infinite and Far Cry 3’s notable trailer. In addition, Adam has worked with industry giants such as Jeff Rona (God of War 3, Asura Online).

Prior to its official launch, Fligsten composed and released 3 albums for gaming licensing under the Silen banner in 2020. Since then the studio comprised of both full-time and freelance artists has been working on a number of game projects and plans to release additional albums as well. You can listen to a track from Fligsten’s recent Super Metroid-inspired album below.


For more information on Silen or to book a free consultation visit the official site here. Adam Fligsten is available for interviews, podcast appearances, and as a speaker for industry events, to book him please email the contact below.

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