When our doctors hear the community is stepping up and providing the funds needed to keep them safe, it makes it a little easier for them to get up in the morning and do it one more day”

— Chris Wilder, President and Executive Director, VMC Foundation

SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, November 18, 2020 / — What:
Donations to Valley Medical Center (VMC) Foundation’s Year-End Appeal Urgently Needed as Healthcare Heroes Battle Coronavirus Resurgence

The Valley Medical Center (VMC) Foundation, the official collection point for COVID-19 donations and materials to support frontline healthcare workers in Santa Clara County since mid-March, announced that monetary donations are needed now more than ever as the California coronavirus surge worsens.

The VMC Foundation is grateful to the Silicon Valley community for giving generously during the spring and summer. Thanks to these donations, the VMC Foundation supplied millions of items to Santa Clara County’s three public hospitals and healthcare organizations, and invested in testing gear, technology and protective equipment (PPE).

However, the VMC Foundation wants to combat the misperception the private nonprofit has everything it needs. “Our needs haven’t gone away. In fact, as we confront the frightening challenge of the coronavirus resurgence, donations to our year-end annual appeal are needed more than ever,” said VMC Foundation executive director Chris Wilder.

The VMC Foundation’s need for equipment and essentials has swelled as the crisis has worsened and resources have dwindled as fast as they’ve been accumulated since mid-March. SCVMC, for example, currently goes through 7,000 procedural masks and 30,000 gloves every day.

The organization is also working with local health leaders to prepare the difficult task of administering a vaccine to the 1.8 million residents of Santa Clara County, starting as early as December. Already, the Foundation has purchased mobile deep-freeze refrigeration trailers for a potential Pfizer vaccine that requires storage at -70F. Additional equipment and supply needs are anticipated, and the VMC Foundation will be relied on to provide support – provided it receives sufficient donations from the community.

“The reality is we’re worried. We see people in other parts of the country struggling to keep up with the demand of PPE, medical devices and equipment. So far, we’ve been fortunate because the community has been there for us. We need to make sure that support continues as we embark on this long, difficult winter,” said Dr. Sanjay B. Kurani, MD, SCVMC Medical Director of Inpatient Medicine.

The best way for the community to help to donate money to the VMC Foundation. These funds will give the nonprofit organization flexibility to ensure area hospitals have needed supplies and frontline healthcare workers are protected as they treat COVID patients.

Continued support from the community is also a much-needed morale boost for exhausted healthcare heroes, added Wilder. “When our doctors hear the community is stepping up and providing the funds] needed to keep them safe, it makes it a little easier for them to get up in the morning and do it one more day,” he said.

Valley Medical Center (VMC) Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in 1988 as the community fundraising arm for Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC) operates programs and funds supported entirely by donors to benefit nearly every part of SCVMC, from pediatrics to rehab to trauma services.

Wednesday, November 18, at 10:00 a.m.

Valley Medical Center Foundation
2400 Clove Drive
San Jose, CA 95128

– Chris Wilder, President and Executive Director, Valley Medical Center Foundation
– Sanjay Kurani, Medical Director Inpatient Medicine, Valley Medical Center Foundation

About Valley Medical Center Foundation:
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center is one of the finest county hospitals in America, provider of care to 1 in 4 valley residents. It’s home to San Jose’s only top level trauma center, and offers world-class specialty and primary care services that make the long-delayed dream of health care equality a possibility. Only the institutions in charge of providing clean drinking water do more to protect the health of residents of this valley.

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center stands for the proposition that no matter how much money you earn, what kind of job you have or what language you speak at home, you will always have access to the healthcare you need. And for decades, SCVMC has been acting on that mission. It is a testament to the values and people of this region that here in Silicon Valley, a land of perceived plenty where so many struggle to make ends meet, we fight to take care of our own.

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