Us Two Tea: A Taiwanese Tea Brand Now Takes Root In The U.S

Us Two Tea

Us Two Tea

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The tea e-commerce site, celebrating Asian culture, launches an elite range of teas for the American masses

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, November 18, 2020 / — Us Two Tea will bring the flavor of small, family owned tea farms in Taiwan to American cups. The Asian American e-commerce brand offers genuine, Taiwanese tea and is considered a prominent partner among its tea suppliers.

While the Asian tea market gets inundated with different tea types, this homegrown brand has gained recognition for its unique concept. Unlike traditional tea suppliers, the company connects farmers directly to customers. Us Two Tea offers a premium selection for Taiwan tea lovers, straight from the Taiwanese mountains to American households.

Us Two Tea’s products will please beginners trying out their first Oolong tea to passionate tea enthusiasts exploring Baozhong tea. The all-natural tea label offers four types of Taiwanese teas:

Oolong Tea: Perfect for beginners trying Taiwanese tea for the first time and those tracking caffeine consumption. This tea imparts a melon, floral, and grassy aroma to its potential, immunity boosting effects.

Black Tea: The strong caffeine and honey fragrance is the best combination for those looking for a “kick” of energy. It aids in enhancing brain activity and elevating energy levels.

Jasmine Tea: The soothing and sensual floral green tea is ideal for aromatherapy. Its antidepressant qualities may also relieve stress.

Baozhong Tea: Feel revived with this tea’s fresh melon, cream, and underlying woody effect. The combination is good for teeth and bones and aids in balancing blood sugar levels.

The pride of the brand is its chemical-free process that begins during the cultivation stage. Sourced from the rich tea lands of local Taiwanese farmers, the flavors draw on generational secrets of tea cultivation. As they are grown in nurturing conditions, the teas become distinct in flavor.

In addition to being additive-free, the tea line also offers a distinct Taiwanese taste. The floral and earthy aroma from the Jasmine and Oolong teas is assured to take you back to the tea farms of Taiwan.

Being an all-natural tea brand, Us Two Tea aims to spread the tea-drinking tradition to the world. The Asian tea selection offers multiple health benefits, including the introduction of antioxidants to the body to aid in avoiding the risks of heart failure. Keeping in mind the various health benefits of tea, Us Two Tea helps replace coffee indulgence with a healthy substitute.

Founder Ranmu Xue’s nostalgic Taiwanese tea connection dates back to her numerous meetings with her grandfather over tea. She recalls that the fresh aroma of jasmine tea, and his valuable pieces of advice, eventually became the strong foothold of Us Two Tea.

It was also Xue’s disappointment while looking for the perfect Osmanthus Oolong in the U.S. that prompted her to create her own company. Finding her way home from the tea mountains of Taiwan, Xue came across an Osmanthus Oolong tea farm. Her first-ever Osmanthus Oolong iced tea led to the foundation of Us Two Tea.

Summing up the tea variety offerings, the Us Two Tea founder Ranmu Xue says, “Each of our varieties speaks uniquely to a moment, a mood, a meaning in our lives that can be enjoyed or inspired in the company of great tea.”

Us Two Tea aims to establish the Asian tea base in the U.S. market and promote a healthy tea-drinking culture. The tea line also aspires to modify the term ‘connecting people over coffee’ by offering a warm, welcoming, and accessible alternative.

Us Two Tea also works to celebrate Asian American culture. Expressing her thoughts on being a proud Asian American, Xue says, “Asians are essential, original, inspiring, passionate, soulful, and phenomenal. Be proud of our culture because it makes us who we are”. View entire range of products by visiting

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