“Three Bodies by the River” Offers Intrigue & Irony Straight from the Mind of a Lawyer

From John Kralik comes a mystery noir that hearkens from the classic feel of Hammett – but with the added raw realism of the life of a lawyer in LA, circa 1990.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — From John Kralik comes a mystery noir that hearkens from the classic feel of Hammett – but with the added raw realism of the life of a lawyer in Los Angeles, circa 1990.

Three Bodies by the River” by John Kralik is an uncommon legal thriller with sharp, edgy delivery, noir humor, and the vivid imagery of a graphic novel. It solves a mystery as it moves with explosive speed through the dark and dirt of Los Angeles in the ‘90s when the promise of the internet met the timeless evil and greed that endures in the narcissistic culture of the town.

“I wanted to explore whether it’s possible to be both a good lawyer and a good person, even in a place like Los Angeles. I really wanted to focus on L.A. in the 1990s – that was when things turned. The city began to shift into something else from what it had been before – full of hope. This book offered the opportunity to explore those shifts through the eyes of my protagonist.”

Sam Straight is his name – Kralik’s leading character is an anti-hero of sorts, but not the kind you’d expect.

“There were two things I think about Sam’s beginning. I spent a lot of time working alone at the top of buildings. I got obsessed about what kind of scary things could happen at night as I was caught up in the more realistic drudgery of legal work. There’s a part of every lawyer that wants to be John Grisham. That intense debate over what it takes to be a good lawyer in a dark city. Sam struggles through this, and I think many lawyers can relate to his conflict on some level.”

“Three Bodies by the River” is available on Amazon and Bookshop.

Visit www.johnkralik.com to purchase.

Excerpt: “Awake, I dream. My dreams medicate the pain of a life I have grown to hate. Perhaps you are surprised that a partner in an international law firm, successful enough to have risen above the anonymity of the crowded Los Angeles legal community, is a man who hates his life. Perhaps you yourself are a member of the Los Angeles legal community. In which case you are not surprised.”

Review: “John Kralik has crafted an amazing first novel filled with the grit and grime of the underbelly of 1990’s Los Angeles. Writing in a style reminiscent of Thomas Wolfe, Kralik’s characters have depth and authenticity that will draw in every reader. And the story continues to build until the crashing conclusion!”

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