“The Knee Pain Guru” is Committed To Relieving Knee Pain without Pain

ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, November 20, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — His Unique Ability To Identify The Blocks That Keep People Stuck In Pain And Skillfully Removing Them Allows For Lasting Change And A New Reality For His Clients.

Bill Parravano, known online as ”The Knee Pain Guru” has unveiled his NEW Group Coaching Program, “Knee Club” which is an online natural solution for relieving acute and chronic knee pain. “Knee Club” member’s receive individualized support for their unique knee challenges no matter what the diagnosis as long as a doctor has determined nothing is broken or torn in the knee.

“The Knee Pan Guru” focuses on integrity, honesty, and professionalism in all areas with their clients to offer an exceptional level of care.

Their capabilities are as unique as the services they offer, from professional athletes, to weekend warriors or anyone seeking a healthy lifestyle with loved ones. They will help clients live a life free of knee pain while developing strong, healthy, resilient joints for a lifetime.

“Bill is a Guru! Not just for knees, either. He has helped me tremendously with my back pain also. I have had problems since I was ten years old and broken my back twice! I had head trauma from car accidents, sports injuries, and even surgery on my ankles when I was an infant. He has helped me find ways to get relief and help heal and recover from years of problem patterns. I would recommend The Knee Pain Guru to anyone looking for pain relief,” says William Edmonds

“The Knee Pain Guru” provides prompt customer service for clients’ knee pain questions. Contact them via this email customerservice@thekneepainguru.com, for a response within 24 – 48 hours. Clients not completely satisfied within 30 Days of joining “Knee Club,” will receive a FULL refund.

“The Knee Pain Guru” is committed to treating clients with dignity and respect focusing on a goal for clients to enjoy a life filled with health, vitality and unlimited potential.

“The Knee Pain Guru” offers private and group coaching packages for customers based on individual needs and preferences. Click this link to view our programs.

For additional information, please visit https://www.thekneepainguru.com/.

Bill Parravano
The Knee Pain Guru
+1 828-585-7275

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