Silverado Records Celebrates Five Years In Country Music, Announces New Plans

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Silverado Records Celebrates Five Years in Country Music and New Business Model

New business model shifts focus to compilation albums and supporting independent Country music artists

We love being a label where fans know they can discover new favorite songs and artists”

— Scott Thomas, CEO

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, November 18, 2020 / — Nashville, Tenn – Silverado Records, the award-winning independent Country music record label today announced the celebration of its five year anniversary, and a new business model going forward. Founded in late 2015, the Nashville based label is making some adjustments to its business going into its sixth year.

Effective immediately, Silverado’s operations will shift to a compilation album model. Citing the success of several compilation projects released over the years, including the fan favorite Summer on Repeat® series, The Silverado Cover Sessions, and most recently the Country Discovery Series, the label intends to focus its efforts on solely creating and releasing similar projects. “With our highly curated compilation projects, it’s always been in our DNA to give independent artists a platform to be discovered. This new business model and focus will allow us to become hyper-focused on that mission, and truly carve out our niche as the only Nashville label doing this,” said Silverado Records CEO Scott Thomas. “We love being a label where fans know they can discover new favorite songs and artists,” Thomas added.

The label also announced today the upcoming release of Volume 2 of its Country Discovery Series, which is currently being compiled and is tentatively scheduled for a January 2021 release. Just like the first album in the series, Volume 2 will feature independent Country music artists from across the United States and will be marketed to a broad global audience. New volumes in previously released series are also in the works, and the label is planning several exciting new series productions as well. “One of the things that’s exciting about this new model, is that we can explore a very broad range of Country music and provide a focal point for folks to hear new things, or to have music presented to them in a way they might not have expected,” said Thomas.

About Silverado Records

Since its founding in 2015, Silverado Records has been charting new territory as an independent record label, getting the attention of industry and media alike. Its new compilation-centered business model is the only one of its kind in Country music. As a three-time American Business Award winner, the label’s highly-innovative approach to marketing and social media continues to drive its mission forward. The company is a division of Exegan Media & Entertainment.


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