Ricardo De La Cerda Creates Virtual World Avi Resurrection Online Game

Avi Resurrection virtual world life-simulation game, was created with the intent to provide quality scripted games for Opensimulator.

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, November 19, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Avi Resurrection enables in-world currency, in-world voice, in-world search, maps, partnerships, and offers personal regions at very low prices compared to Second Life-online game. The physics are very similar. For example, in Avi Resurrection you can use in-world voice or use zoom, play sports and entertainment, play volley ball, football, soccer, parachute, skydive, swim in the ocean or a swimming pool. Also, as in Second Life-online game, create a dance club and hundred’s more of other activities to keep you’re virtual life online game busy.

About Avi Resurrection.
Ricardo De La Cerda, resides in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and is the founder of Chirp Social Network™, Metro Taxi App™, House 2 Home Advisor™, WDC News 6™, Zillion Lending™, Food Near Me Online™, and Avi Resurrection™

Ricardo De La Cerda, also known as Ricardo Sorciere, creator of Avi Resurrection Online Game, spends online time creating many of the things he can to do in the real world. He is proud to say, “You can purchase land (region) with in-world currency and become a real estate landlord and then start renting land to others. You can build your own home and invite your friends. You can start different groups such as medieval, vampire, or furies groups, etc. You can open a store and sell to residents and hypergrid visitors. The possibilities with Avi Resurrection are endless. Join now by signing up… its never to late!”
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