Rev. Rafael Warnock and Jon Ossoff Please speak about the neglected emotional health crisis & how you can & will fix it

This is the truth about Trump.

Know the Level of Your brain You Are Living From.

Know and Harness the Difference Between Your Brain and Mind.

Identify with the mind and with it heal the brain.

use the Brain and Mind to Improve Each Other.

Our senate team has identified the cause of our declining social standards being upbringing our sons macho; we will bring them up humble to create a healthy US.

The biggest flaw is creating overconfident trophy self-images instead, we need to create selfless pure selves. We have upbringing guidelines for the young and brain therapy guidelines for the rest.”

— Sajid Khan

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, November 17, 2020 / — Please consider adding the following plan to your agenda.

Here is a fail proof plan to accomplish what no leader has done ever before, solve once & for all America’s #1 problem of America being an emotionally challenged country.”

Why do you think women live longer? Why do you think 50% of America struggles to make ends meet? Why do you think almost all crime and corruption are by men? Why are our mental beds occupied mostly by men? Why do men have far more addiction problems? Why Black women are thriving and Black men are socially, economically, and emotionally struggling? Why are the vast majority of police killings by men police officers? Why wars are started by men? Why are governments headed by women doing better in handling the coronavirus? The reason is crystal clear: women are brought up humble while men are brought up macho. Humility is wisdom and machoness is ignorance; so we bring up our women wise and our men ignorant.

Biden-Harris will put an end to raising our sons into emotional health disasters. They will not only stop the decline in social standards they will take all of America to new heights of thriving emotional health, happiness, and prosperity.

I hope the Biden administration takes steps to remove the biggest flaw in education. We have cutting edge mind education; while brain education is not only ignored the brain is miseducated. Mind education develops professional skills and brain education develops emotional skills. As brain education is messed up our emotional skills/health is messed up. It is emotional health that determines relationships, happiness, depression, drug addictions, education, health, prosperity, society, etc. The sure-fire way social standards will thrive is by introducing and creating brain education.

All social ills are emotionally challenged behavior. There are so many negative ways the neglect of brain education impacts America. 50% of America struggles to make ends meet. It is because they make good money with cutting edge well-educated minds and spend it with miseducated brains. Our focus and resources are spent on developing skills to make wealth. We also need to introduce a compulsory subject to make every student an expert in saving and investing money.

The biggest flaw in our education system is creating phony overconfident trophy self-images instead we need to create selfless pure selves. We need to create upbringing guidelines for the young and brain therapy guidelines for the rest.

When I say that Trump is insane his supporters accuse me of being wrong, but provide no proof.

I have a US patent based, presidential rating test that goes as follows:

1) Premature self (-2). He is macho and considers himself above the law, disrespectful, totally self-centered, prejudiced, has all the attributes of ignorance, and is insane.

2) Immature self (-1). Corrupt, opportunistic, cunning etc.

3) Mature self (+1). Obeys the law but considers himself as the best.

4) Super mature (+2). Selfless, humble, has all the attributes of wisdom/EH like compassionate, loving etc.

Will someone please tell me if Trump is -2 or not, totally unfit to be president. Will someone tell me if the entire Republican leadership, are -1 or not. They are cunningly corrupt opportunists, knowingly lying to cover up Trump’s insanity.

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