Portable, Functional, and Durable, RomRod’s Collapsible Mobility Bar Seeks to Move to Market with Kickstarter Launch

With RomRod being lightweight, durable, and portable I am able to take it wherever I go to ensure my body is prepared for each training session, a round on the golf course, or just my morning routine.”

— Former professional hockey player Derek Makimaa

JACKSONVILLE, FL, USA, November 18, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The world’s first truly collapsible mobility rod, the RomRod, is changing the way fitness enthusiasts and professional trainers are working out in the age of COVID-19 related lockdowns. Designed by elementary teacher and fitness coach Haley and her husband Shane, a professional baseball umpire, the RomRod packs a whole lot of mobility and functional punch in one, extendable two-pound package.

The RomRod’s main challenge is to incorporate the grip and durability of a standard barbell without sacrificing portability and ease. It manages to accomplish this thanks to multiply design choices that focus on enhancing the workout experience.

Sporting a lightweight and sleek design, the collapsible rod is just 17 inches when folded but expands to over five feet during use. Its unique frame incorporates an easy, screw-and-unscrew assembly process, making it simple to collapse the rod for storage and ensure it’s fully in place when working on mobility exercises and postures. The rod features a rust-resistant aluminum overlay, so it’s durable enough to withstand tough outdoor conditions or even the sweat from a good workout.

The RomRod can work in any situation that requires barbell technique work, which means that it can accompany users on exercises like deadlifts, shoulder mobility exercises, warmups for power clean presses, and core rotation. The RomRod supports any dynamic mobility routine in both therapeutic/rehab situations and active rest and recovery days.

Portability, functionality, and versatility are at the heart of the RomRod’s purpose and mission. It relies on magnetic closures to ensure that the rod collapses back quickly and easily. Knowing exactly what athletes and fitness junkies are looking for in a mobility tool, Shane and Haley designed the RomRod with over 60 inches of usable area. The grippy knurling and rod diameters simulate a standard Olympic barbell and allow the user to maintain a firm grip throughout a tough workout.

Currently, the dynamic warmup and recovery tool is gearing up for mass production through RomRod Kickstarter campaign that launches on November 24th, 2020. Until then, potential backers can also check out the official RomRod website to sign up and receive a pre-sale notification.

After three years of solid testing and refining — based on feedback from real-world CrossFit professionals — Shane and Haley’s RomRod device is garnering positive feedback from beta testers who now rely on the mobility rod as their go-to tool for warmups and muscle isolation and activation.

Former professional hockey player Derek Makimaa’s own experience says as much:

“RomRod is elevating the game when it comes to the essential warmup phase prior to workout and sport. With RomRod being lightweight, durable, and portable, I am able to take it wherever I go to ensure that my body is prepared for each training session, a round on the golf course, or even just my morning routine. I know this product will be highly valued to its users.”

Other athletes, bodybuilders, and even former players recovering from injuries confirm that getting quality mobility work and functional training is the key to building total body strength. While the simplicity of the RomRod’s design seams to mask its power, all it takes is for someone to unpack, screw together, and get going to see how effective it can truly be.

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