Poopie Suits Announces – Audio Version of Sub Tales And Over $40,000 Donated to Sub Vet Scholarship Fund

After 5,000 books sold of true stories on submarine life – an audio version of Sub Tales coming soon
Passed $40,000 Donations to Sub Vet Scholarship Fund

NASHUA, NH, UNITED STATES, November 19, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Visit www.subtales.com for book Reviews, Posts, and Author Information

The Award-winning authors of “Poopie Suits & Cowboy Boots”, chosen one of the seven best books on submarines in the world for 2020 by The Book Authority (https://bookauthority.org/books/new-submarines-ebooks), announce an audio version of their 2nd book “Sub Tales – Stories That Seldom Surface” will be available early in 2021.

All 3 books in the Poopie Suits series, “Poopie Suits & Cowboy Boots”, “Sub Tales – Stories That Seldom Surface”, and “The Silent Service Speaks – Vol I” (www.subtales.com and www.thesilentservicespeaks.net) are true stories about the day-to-day life serving on a submarine, with danger and funny stories lurking all about. Over 5,000 of these books have been sold since January 2018.

From the start, the authors have donated all the proceeds from the sale of their books to the United States Submarine Veterans, Inc. (USSVI) Scholarship Fund.

The audio version of “Sub Tales” will be narrated by a submarine veteran. The realism will be striking. These exciting true tales of bravery under unexpected emergency conditions, like the landing of a disabled helicopter on the deck of a submarine, will entertain and educate on the untold sacrifices the men of the Silent Service endured to protect liberty. Good overview at www.subtales.com.

Sub Tales has received 40 5 Star reviews on Amazon, and many more kudos on the Poopie Suits Facebook page www.facebook.com/2hoodssubbook.
This audio book will be available in early 2021 through Amazon.

The authors are also announcing that as of 17 November 2020, their donations to the USSVI Scholarship Fund have exceeded $40,000.

“More Sub Tales”, the 4th book in the series, will be debuting just before Christmas in 2020, and “The Silent Service Speaks – Vol II” will be available in late spring 2021.

All of these books will help us reach our goal of $50,000 of donations to the USSVI Scholarship Fund.


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