MxHero’s Mail2Cloud Content Security Technology Available On UK G-Cloud Digital Marketplace

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MxHero’s innovative data security technology now available to UK public agencies through the G Cloud-12 Digital Marketplace

mxHero enables UK government agencies to control and secure their vital email content!”

— Don Hammons, Chief Customer Officer, mxHero Inc.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, November 19, 2020 / — MxHero announces today the availability of the award-winning Mail2Cloud platform through the G-Cloud 12 Digital Marketplace. Mail2Cloud combines best of breed cloud storage services (e.g., Box, OneDrive, etc.) with email systems for greater data security and content management. With Mail2Cloud, organizations can significantly contain data leakages due to email and better protect the organization from email-borne threats, such as viruses and ransomware. Furthermore, Mail2Cloud allows organizations to better manage and protect their email records by leveraging their current cloud storage investment.

MxHero protects an organization’s data and creates greater efficiency in the management of email communications. MxHero brings better data protection to organizations by automatically moving email attachments to an agency’s cloud storage service. The move of email attachments to cloud storage is done without end-user effort and helps to ensure that sensitive attachments aren’t sent directly as unprotected email attachments. MxHero helps organizations better manage their email communications by allowing them to store, manage, and search their email correspondences directly from within their cloud storage service.

“It is with great pleasure that we can provide mxHero through the G-Cloud 12. The need for data and cybersecurity has become critical in the last year. The global pandemic has challenged old solutions and new solutions like Mail2Cloud that resolve root vulnerabilities without demanding end-user change are more important than ever. The G-Cloud 12 puts these important technologies within easy reach of organizations that need it most,” states Alex Panagides, CEO mxHero Inc.

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MxHero’s products and services give companies, service providers, and end-users powerful new ways to control, use, and analyze email-based content. Apps developed for MxHero’s platform work with any email management program, including Office 365, Gmail, and Microsoft Exchange. MxHero has partnered with Canon USA for go to market and provides solutions mapped to the world’s foremost cloud and hybrid content management platforms. Information on all of the Mail2Cloud product line can be found at More than 3,500 companies with over 1 million users have added MxHero to their email. To learn more about MxHero visit Find MxHero on Twitter: @mxheronet and Facebook:

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