Let’s Test Trace and Vaccinate: Singapore Launches COVID-19 Safety Video to Guide the Nation into the New Normal.

SINGAPORE, July 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tribal Worldwide Singapore has collaborated with the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) to launch ‘Together, towards a new normal’, a campaign that features popular Singapore personalities Mark Lee, Annette Lee, Ng Ming Wei, Yung Raja and Siti Khalijah. Shot by acclaimed local director Royston Tan, it outlines Singapore’s three-pronged strategy to keep COVID-19 under control and move safely into the new normal – Test, Trace and Vaccinate.

As Singapore ramps up the vaccination programme, and possibly easing some of the COVID- 19 restrictions, there is a need to adjust to living with COVID-19 as we enter the next phase of its fight against the virus. By testing, contact tracing and vaccinating quickly and extensively, it will keep Singaporeans safe while allowing the nation to reopen progressively.

To make ‘Test, Trace and Vaccinate’ resonate with everyone in Singapore, we were inspired to create a first-of-its-kind ‘safety briefing’ to Singapore, to rouse the entire nation into action. But unlike typical safety videos, this one features a catchy tune, relatable lyrics and a fun, colourful music video yet sending a clear message on the need for testing, contact tracing and vaccinating in the new normal.

The film kicks off with a flight attendant inviting Singaporeans to join her for a safety briefing unlike any other. She is quickly accompanied by various local celebrities and influencers, as well as Singaporeans from different walks of life emphasising the need to test, trace and vaccinate through day-to-day scenarios. The audience is taken on a vibrant musical journey around our little red dot as they learn about our three-pronged approach to keep Singapore safe while re-opening progressively.

Ms Soffy Hariyanti, Director, Campaigns & Productions Department of MCI’s Public Communications Division said, “The reality is COVID-19 may not go away and we’ll have to learn to live with it. Through this video, we want to show everyone in Singapore that all of us have a part to play for Singapore to transit to a new normal. If we stay positive and united, just like the music video says, no virus will keep us apart and we can look forward to a progressive re-opening.”.

Mr Benson Toh, Executive Creative Director at Tribal Worldwide Singapore, said, “With these three messages so crucial in the next phase of our fight against COVID-19, the challenge was to deliver them in a way that’s not just fresh but really memorable. By elevating an ordinary safety video and making it joyful and catchy, we hope to rally everyone to join in Singapore’s testing, contract tracing and vaccination efforts!”

Launched on 2nd July 2021, the film has amassed over 4.5 million organic views across Gov.sg social media platforms in just four days. (Figures updated as of 6 Jul 2021, 1200hrs)

For more details about Singapore’s COVID-19 vaccination programme, please visit www.igotmyshot.gov.sg.

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