Kaiko and Shrimpy Partner to Provide On-Demand Historical Cryptocurrency Market Data to Developers

Shrimpy Introduces a Historical Data API for Application Developers

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 17, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Today, Shrimpy, a startup company that offers trading APIs for developers in the crypto space, announced they have launched a new partnership with Kaiko. Shrimpy customers can now access Kaiko’s extensive catalog of historical data for top crypto exchanges including Binance, Kraken, Coinbase Pro, KuCoin, Bittrex, Bitfinex, and Bitstamp.

The historical data supported by the developer APIs will include tick-by-tick trade data, OHLCV candlesticks, and 1-minute order book snapshots. Developers can now access this data on-demand through the Shrimpy APIs.

Shrimpy’s CEO, Michael McCarty, said in a public statement “Shrimpy is excited to partner with Kaiko to continue offering a robust suite of historical market data to application developers and traders. After evaluating each of the major crypto data providers, Kaiko was selected as our partner based on their unparalleled track record for providing high-precision historical data. Shrimpy customers will now have access to the extensive historical data they need to accurately backtest trading strategies, evaluate detailed market events, analyze charts, and study trends.”

Kaiko’s CEO, Ambre Soubiran, said “We are thrilled that our market data expertise can be leveraged by Shrimpy’s sophisticated backtesting platform. Our mission to empower data-driven decisions matches Shrimpy’s ambition to provide the tools necessary to make informed trades in cryptocurrency markets.”
Through the partnership between Kaiko and Shrimpy, developers can finally build complete applications that rely on precise historical market data. Both companies have a history of providing the highest quality products, and together thousands of developers can now access the most complete set of historical data available in the market.

For more information please visit developers.shrimpy.io.

About Shrimpy Developer APIs

The Shrimpy Crypto Developer APIs offer a simple way for developers to connect to every major exchange through a unified API. Developers can use the Shrimpy APIs to manage customers, execute trades, and collect live or historical market data.

Building infrastructure that connects to multiple cryptocurrency exchanges is complicated. To solve this problem, Shrimpy offers a complete API solution for developers to leverage the existing Shrimpy infrastructure that connects to every major exchange. Shrimpy has been the trusted solution for executing over $1 billion in cryptocurrency trading volume. Instead of developing custom infrastructure for every exchange, Shrimpy customers can integrate a single API to access every major exchange.

With the addition of Kaiko’s historical data set, Shrimpy can now offer billions of historical data points that include tick-by-tick trades, 1-minute order book snapshots, and candlesticks. Each of these data types can be accessed seamlessly through the APIs in real-time.
The on-demand pricing plans make Shrimpy ideal for developers that need to periodically access historical data to study the market, backtest strategies, or analyze charts.

About Kaiko

Founded in 2014, Kaiko is a market data provider in the blockchain-based digital assets space, providing institutional investors and market participants with enterprise-grade data infrastructure.

They collect, normalize, store, and distribute digital assets market data via a livestream WebSocket, REST API, and cloud-based flat-file Data Feed, to which clients connect to build data-driven applications.

Their raw trade data, order books, and aggregates cover 35,000+ currency pairs across 100+ exchanges, with new markets added every day. With over five years of historical data, Kaiko provides the most extensive digital asset datasets in the industry.
Kaiko caters for the market data needs of professional investors, academic researchers, regulators, security issuers, third-party platforms and exchanges.

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