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USA, November 18, 2020 / — There are too many things that go to waste that are broken but could be repaired. Most people live a consumer lifestyle, buying new items when others are damaged. That is fine for the people who can afford it and want new things. But what about the people who have none of the things that others throw out for often minor issues?

Those people have to go without things that most people take for granted. For example, if a washing machine stops spinning, it is easier and more convenient for most people to go to a shop and buy a new one. The people who have to hand wash their clothes still have to hand wash them, and Mr. Find Fix thinks it is unfair.

Repairing things is what Mr. Find Fix does best. So, the mission they have created is to change how people see household items and help them fix things themselves by creating tutorials so they can do it themselves. That will save them money and stop so much unnecessary waste.

Adding to the mission is thinking of the people who have nothing. Therefore, everything that Mr. Find Fix finds, they will donate to charity after repairing it, free of charge. That way, people who have a less fortunate time can get the things they need, or the money that the charity gets from selling the items can help people in ways that they may otherwise not.

The plan doesn’t stop there, though. Mr. Find Fix will:

• Provide you with explanations for appliance errors
• Universal remote codes
• Router logins
• Login guides
• Teach you how to fix your appliances

If you want to help Mr. Find Fix to help you and others, go to the website and see what is on offer.
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