Dorothy Gail Paulson of Liberty Lake Washington Shares Trio of Top Dishes From Italian Cuisine

Veteran restaurateur Dorothy Gail Paulson serves up three of Italy’s most delicious traditional recipes.

LIBERTY LAKE, WA, USA, November 19, 2020 / — Celebrated by her peers for her unparalleled knowledge of the restaurant industry, Dorothy Gail Paulson, is passionate about various international cuisines, with French and Italian dining a particular love of the multi-award-winning chef and restaurateur. Taking a closer look at the latter, Pacific Northwest native provides expert insight into a delicious trio of recipes from traditional Italian cooking.

Dorothy Gail Paulson starts with a classic Margherita pizza. Atop a traditional stretched dough, chef Dorothy’s preferred recipe sees the award-winning restaurateur adorn her pizza base with just tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, a drizzle of olive oil and a handful of basil leaves.

Simplicity at its finest, even Paulson’s sauce recipe is delightfully straightforward. “Canned tomatoes quickly blitzed together, a pinch of salt, and a splash of oil are all that you need for a delicious, traditional pizza sauce,” adds expert Dorothy Gail Paulson.

Similarly traditional, the second recipe to be highlighted by Dorothy Gail Paulson is, she says, a firm family favorite for many Italians. “A traditional Italian vegetable stew always goes down a storm,” suggests the chef. A recipe of collard greens, celery, carrots, and leek cooked with garlic, oregano, and thyme, Dorothy Gail Paulson tops her traditional Italian vegetable stew cannellini beans and peeled tomatoes. “Serve with generously buttered, freshly baked bread,” advises the popular restaurateur, “and season to taste with black pepper.”

Finally, and third among award-winning chef Dorothy Gail’s trio of top dishes from Italian cuisine is another classic dish. “Lasagna bolognese,” reveals Dorothy Gail Paulson. A traditional sauce combining beef, vegetables, dry white wine, and tomatoes is layered with pasta and a creamy bechamel before being cooked until golden brown, Dorothy Gail Paulson explains. “Serve with a fresh salad for a dish that’s sure to delight, year-round,” adds the Washington-born chef and restaurateur.

Dorothy Gail Paulson of Washington is a veteran of fine dining in the Pacific Northwest and across much of the United States, working in kitchens from San Francisco to Miami during a career now spanning over 20 years.

Keen to share her extensive culinary knowledge, Dorothy Gail Paulson has spoken openly and at length on a variety of topics ranging from her favorite recipes from vegetarian cuisine and the top qualifications for aspiring chefs to showcasing the abundance of locally forgeable ingredients currently in season in and around Liberty Lake, Washington. Outside of her culinary career, the chef is passionate about keeping fit and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

For more from Dorothy Gail Paulson, interested parties are now invited to connect with the award-winning chef on Facebook, where she and her team regularly post a fascinating insight into the restaurant industry both in Liberty Lake, Washington, and further afield.

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