Datametica delivers Pelican through the Google Cloud Marketplace

ILLINOIS, USA, November 18, 2020 / — Pelican empower customers to automate the comparing, validation and reconciliation of datasets across two heterogeneous SQL data stores. With ‘zero data movement’ and ‘zero coding’, this technology validates data between legacy data warehouses or other Cloud systems and Google Cloud.

Datametica – Giving Data Wings, today announced Pelican’s availability on the Google Cloud Marketplace. This product helps customers to compare, validate and reconcile datasets across two heterogeneous SQL data stores. This includes Table, Column, Comparison and Cell-Level Validation, also Selective Column Mapping, even comparing different data types for the same data in different data models at petabyte scale. The validation can be scheduled or continuously run, with the option for ‘zero coding’ and ‘zero data movement’. This product brings confidence in decommissioning of Legacy Warehouses, or migrating from another Cloud. Pelican greatly reduces the time taken for a migration, de-risking the migration by supporting parallel running of both new and old systems, and reduces the unit testing associated with a modernization program.

Google Cloud Marketplace enables users to quickly and easily run software packages without manual installation or configuration.

Dr. Phil Shelley, Co-founder & President of Datametica says “Based on our history of being customers ourselves, of Teradata, Oracle, Hadoop, Netezza, and other legacy solutions, and having moved them to Google Cloud; we built automation tools to enable enterprises to migrate faster and at lower risk & cost. We are proud to support system integrators and customers around the world with one of the best routes to the cloud”.

About Datametica:

Datametica is a preferred premier migration partner for enterprises moving to Google Cloud. Datametica products bring capabilities to transform legacy Teradata, Oracle, Hadoop, Netezza, Datastage, Informatica and others, to a cloud-based data warehousing, data engineering, and advanced analytics solution. Using Eagle, Raven and Pelican, Datametica automates and accelerates migration to Google Cloud, enabling the rapid and low cost adoption of new environments to drive business and technology outcomes. Datametica’s Raven is an automated code conversion product that translates workload from legacy system to Google BigQuery and modernizes ETL to an ELT model. It enables rapid translation, at any scale, even complex SQL/scripts/ETL, to an optimized target system such as Google BigQuery. Raven is also available on Google Cloud Marketplace.

Explore Pelican on Google Cloud Marketplace

Dr. Phil Shelly
Datametica Solutions Private Limited

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