Brittany Golden outlines the latest PETA advice on keeping cats cool in a heatwave

Brittany Golden on Keeping Cats Cool in a heatwave

Brittany Golden on Keeping Cats Cool in a heatwave

PETA supporter Brittany Golden Ballwin shines a spotlight on the animal welfare organization’s tips for cat owners during hot weather.

BALLWIN, MO, UNITED STATES, November 17, 2020 / — From ensuring that they stay hydrated to scheduling playtime during the chilliest hours of the day, there are a number of ways in which the owners of all shapes and sizes of furry felines can help to keep their animal companions cool during hot weather. With the organization having recently focused on looking after various pets during a heatwave, PETA supporter Brittany Golden Ballwin proves a closer look at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ latest advice for cat owners.

“Further to issuing crucial advice about dogs in hot cars, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has also recently published a list of ways to make sure that the nation’s feline friends stay safe and comfortable during particularly warm weather,” says Missouri-based PETA supporter Brittany Golden Ballwin.

“Many of us really enjoy warm summer days,” says PETA editor Saskia in a piece titled How to Keep Cats Cool This Summer, published by the animal welfare organization’s team earlier this month. “However, we need to remember that our feline friends can’t keep cool as well as we can,” she goes on. “If you’re a cat’s guardian, it’s up to you to make sure that your companion stays safe in the warm weather,” adds the expert.

“PETA’s tips for cool cats,” reveals Brittany Golden Ballwin, speaking from her home in Ballwin, Missouri, “include keeping them indoors, having a cool spot in the house, and ensuring that they remain hydrated, as well as playing with them mainly in the mornings and evenings.”

This, the lifelong animal lover and longtime PETA supporter goes on to point out, is because dusk and dawn are the coolest times of the day. “This makes them the ideal moments to help cats get some exercise,” says Golden. Indeed, according to PETA, by encouraging cats to run around before it gets too hot, their owners can discourage their feline friends from overexerting during the day.

Similarly important, according to both PETA and Brittany Golden Ballwin, is the aforementioned tip about hydration. “Place multiple bowls of fresh, clean water around the house,” suggests Brittany, “so that your beloved cat or cats maintain quick, easy access during hot weather, wherever they are, and whatever they’re getting up to – mischief or otherwise!”

Other tips from PETA include giving cats ice cubes to play with on the hottest days, and having a damp towel on hand to pat down any willing felines should temperatures really rise. “Groom them, too,” says Brittany Golden Ballwin, pointing back to the latest PETA advice. Cats shed on their own, PETA editor Saskia explains in her recent piece on the animal welfare organization’s website, Brittany Golden Ballwin reveals, but brushing any feline companions a few times a week can, it’s said, make them feel both lighter and more comfortable in high temperatures.

“Please share this crucial information with anyone you know who has a feline friend,” adds Brittany Golden Ballwin in closing, “and let’s help to keep cats across the country safe and well this summertime.”

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