Bob Wilkinson Ottawa and His Hobby for Working on Cars

Bob Wilkinson Ottawa and His Hobby for Working on Cars

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 19, 2020 / — Bob Wilkinson has seen a lot of business over the year with his tenure, but one of the best hobbies he picked up for both interest, relaxation, stress relief and general fun has been his love for his Nissan GTR and modifications.

Picking the Right Car to Work On

The Nissan GTR has been a go-to vehicle for tweaking and changing, both because the vehicle performs so well on the road as well as the fact that there are plentiful accessories and after-market parts for the particular model. No surprise, Bob Wilkinson’s own car has given him plenty of territory to work with as well. This isn’t foreign space for Bob Wilkinson; he’s gathered at least 15 years of automotive experience personally, both working on cars as actually racing his own vehicle as well. That sort of skill and depth of knowledge comes from a love of all things automotive and builds over time. It’s also the same trait and streak that allowed Bob Wilkinson to be so successful as well as an entrepreneur.

The Hobbyist’s Car to Love

Bob Wilkinson’s Nissan GTR has been one of the top vehicles consistently chosen for tuning and modification. A tremendous amount of work has been provided on suspension and handling changes, increase control of the steering and tire performance, advanced geometry tweaks to the frame connection points, and advancements in the exhaust and backpressure arena as well. And that’s all on top of the traditional modifications one can typically do to most engine systems as well. Bob Wilkinson has played in multiple in various aspects of the car, bringing his own vehicle up to the level of a racing capability versus just a souped-up streetcar where many folks stop in their adjustments.

His racing love has pushed Bob Wilkinson to re-examine his own GTR repeatedly for how much farther it can be pushed, and the model adapts quite well to changes. While most people think of alloy wheels as big changes, Bob Wilkinson tends to be spending time examining the intake systems and the clutch to find additional percentage points of performance out his car on the track. It’s not a surprise for anyone who knows Bob Wilkinson well; he’s always been competitive about cars and that becomes a technical advantage when coupled with his automotive background career-wise. The only thing that would shock people more is if Bob Wilkinson suddenly gave up his love for cars and his GTR without any warning. Someone might wonder if the fellow has a fever.

Still Rooted in Home

However, Bob Wilkinson’s roots still run deep in Ottawa and home with his wife and son. Family continues to be his primary focus, especially now as a parent. Eventually, hobbies pass, but his time raising his boy is priceless and a short window before Bob Wilkinson’s son becomes a man as well. It also gives Bob a chance to reflect and see if he can pass on his automotive love to his son as well, just not with the GTR until the kid is over age 30 at least.

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