Artivist Of The Year Awards Celebrating Artists Who Make A Difference

ArtTour International Fall 2020 Front Cover features the art of Cher Anderson showcasing “The Great Debate”

Fall 2020 Back Cover

ArtTour International’s Fall 2020 issue celebrates mother earth and the artists bringing awareness, making bold statements to protect our planet.

We have gone too far in our greed for material possessions, the consequence is the depletion of natural resources. We need to commit to a sustainable lifestyle to preserve this planet we call home.”

— Viviana Puello

Founder, Editor-in-Chief, and the face for ArtTour International Magazine, Viviana Puello has always been passionate about how her work, art, and passion can change the world.

As the upcoming release of ArtTour International’s fall issue, “Artists for a Green Planet” celebrates nature, mother earth, and the moment she was able to breathe. Puello hopes this issue will bring awareness and encourage others to join this peaceful environmental revolution through the arts.

Throughout this selection of top global artists, ArtTour International Magazine print and digital Fall 2020 issue “Artists For A Green Planet” brings together art activists who impact the world by bringing awareness to real social and environmental issues through their platform and their art. Brimming with vivid and exclusive images and multimedia articles, this issue celebrates artistic expression’s ability to elevate our collective consciousness.

The featured cover story, Cher Anderson, is an environmentalist artist whose life and career have been dedicated to wildlife and environmental conservation. Puello herself includes a heartfelt article on Cher, “A Life For Conservation,” shares the art and passion Anderson is known for.

ArtTour International Magazine continues to garner a growing global audience of over 10 million viewers through its magazine, digital platforms, and its award-winning television series, the ArtTour International Show, which airs every Thursday at 5:30 pm on MNN-HD, Spectrum 1993.

As the magazine continues to grow after ten years in the market, Puello maintains a steadfast dedication to art and service, not only through ATIM but through her two non-profit organizations, Create 4 Peace and Artists for a Green Planet. Each organization gives artists a unique opportunity to truly use their work to engage their audience and create a positive impact that gives back to the world.

“While we live in trying times, I have faith that a new sunrise is here, and change is around the corner. Let us open our eyes to the beauty surrounding us and spread love, healing, and peace. Let’s appreciate our planet and all living things and create a better world for generations to come,” Viviana shared as she prepared for the release of this incredible and powerful issue.

As leaders in the multimedia art space, ArtTour International has given international exposure to hundreds of artists in their career journey stages. Their platform provides life-changing exposure for artists from all backgrounds and locations, from over 205 countries worldwide.

To give their artists even more exposure, digital readers can read this issue on iTunes, Magzter, and Issuu. This exclusive opportunity puts you a click away from breathtaking images that will redirect to the accompanying videos. From each issue of their award-winning magazine, a TV show, international events, and beyond, their commitment to excellence in art is evident.

The Artivists, awarded the prestigious ARTYA award, are celebrated for their outstanding efforts in raising awareness of the plight of the planet on the precipice of destruction. This issue showcases artists who genuinely make a difference by recognizing the intent to enlighten the masses and instigate a change of heart towards caring for the earth. To bring an inner reflection on each of our attitudes towards the planet and hopefully evoke positive change.

Art gives us all an extraordinary chance to see the world through the eyes of others. This is how we should be looking at the world each day. Understanding what each of us is going through and how we can lend a hand to make this world a better place.

If you haven’t pre-ordered yours, don’t wait; add this fall issue to your collection and be part of this international art movement to change the world.

Get to know the ARTYA Award Winning Artists and Environmental Activists by visiting:

Learn more about its exceptional, advocacy-driven ARTYA Awards this December 4, 2020, at 6 p.m. by reading ArtTour International Magazine’s 2020 Fall Issue.

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