A Good Kind of Addiction

Basketball Is in My Blood: A Basketball Addict’s Autobiography

A ball addict’s memoir of how the game changed his life

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, November 19, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — A person’s life can change drastically with just one pivotal moment in time. In some cases, this change can alter that person’s destiny and bring them to great heights. This is what happened to author Martin Groveman and his book Basketball Is in My Blood: A Basketball Addict’s Autobiography tells of his story. Follow his journey starting from a chance meeting with a coach at the young age of 12 who inspired him to pursue being a basketball player, all the way to the peak of his basketball career.

Martin is a retired Special Education teacher, principal, and deputy superintendent in the New York City Public School System. For two decades, he also taught undergraduate students at St. John University, where he prepared them to become teachers of children with disabilities. He called upon his many years of experience and knowledge to affect positive changes in the education of the disabled. He is a widower, a father of two very accomplished sons, and currently splits his time between Delray Beach, FL and Seaford, Ll.

The book is a chronicle of Martin’s experience in basketball, from being inspired as a kid to how his ‘addiction’ to basketball opened his world to the sport and changed his life forever. But aside from that, the book is also a memoir of sorts for the history of not just New York City basketball, but also for the key basketball figures who were born and thrived in the city from 1949 and beyond.

His work is a must-have for fans of basketball and those who wish to learn more about this facet of New York’s history. Get your copy today!

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