401GO, a Small Business 401k Platform, Joins the Female Advisor Network Partner Marketplace

Fintech 401k platform for small businesses

Fintech 401k platform for small businesses

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Small business owners employee almost half of the US workforce.

In a joint effort to improve retirement plan access to employees of small businesses, the Female Advisor Network adds 401GO to their Partner Marketplace.

We are excited to add 401GO to the network’s Partner Marketplace as a solution for small business 401(k) plans for our members.”

— Nina O’Neal

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA, November 18, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Fewer than 15% of small businesses (100 employees or fewer) offer a retirement plan benefit to their employees. Complexity and costs are the primary reason these businesses are unable to offer a 401(k) or similar plan. 401GO, a low cost 401k provider for small businesses, was started to help more Americans save for retirement by increasing plan access for smaller employers. The use of automation and improved efficiencies significantly reduce costs and simplify 401k administration for businesses.

One critical component to a successful retirement plan is the role of a trusted financial advisor. For this reason, 401GO strategically partners with financial advisors to help them offer a 401k for their business clients through their 401k advisor platform. With the help of the 401GO platform, the administrative work and typical hassles of setting up and administering a 401k are eliminated so the advisor has more time to focus on the needs of their clients.

In an ongoing effort to find some of the nations leading advisors to work with, 401GO has joined the Female Advisor Network’s Partner Marketplace. The organization’s founder Nina O’Neal, states “We are excited to add 401GO to the network’s Partner Marketplace as a solution for small business 401(k) plans for our members. Many of the women in the network run their own RIA firms and are small business owners. Through our partnership, we can help to provide access to a unique, simple, and affordable retirement plan.” This partnership increases the reach of 401GO to a vast network of successful female advisors and provides these advisors with a micro-market solution they previously had limited access to. Jared Porter of 401GO adds, “We are especially excited to work with FAN because of their wonderful efforts to expand female leadership and their financial footprint for small businesses.”

About the Female Advisor Network

The Female Advisor Network is a national membership organization for female financial advisors. Their mission is to empower all female financial advisors by providing a community of support, education, mentorship, and collaboration that is for female advisors by female advisors. They are dedicated to being change makers to help pave a better path for female advisors in the future and to support each other today.

About 401GO

Founded in 2018, 401GO has the mission to make 401(k) plans accessible to all businesses. Whether it’s a new startup 401(k) plan or an existing 401(k) plan, they make setup and administration easy and straightforward. To help ensure everyone is ready for retirement they have low costs and suitable 401(k) investments. No hidden costs, such as setup, document, or filing fees. Their pricing is a simple per participant fee of $9 per month—and that’s it.

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